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Mind ~ Body ~ Soul ~ Awareness 

I am a mum to three amazing humans, wife to my high school sweetheart and fur-mum to a Border Collie x Curly Retriever, we live on Gulidjan country in Colac Victoria. I am an introvert who loves quiet moments, beautiful soulful music, the sound of rain, Autumn sunshine and my favourite place on earth is camping by the ocean with my family. I've spent over 20 years working for State and Local Government in corporate roles with a qualification in Business Administration. For most of my life I have felt a little left of the middle, not really knowing where or how I fit in to the world. I'd always had a longing to live life a different way, but not having the confidence to be truly, Me. I found meditation and mindfulness during my recovery from a mental health crisis, after learning how to manage anxiety and OCD with mindfulness, I wanted to help others experiencing mental health challenges. During my journey to becoming a certified meditation and mindfulness teacher, I found my passion, the life I had desired for so long; guiding and nurturing others through life's challenges, educating people about mental health and how bringing mindfulness to our day, can create a calmer more balanced life; and a deep connection to spirituality, mother earth and self-awareness. I also found me, the powerful, passionate, feminine, authentic Me.

Yoga Child's Pose

“You should sit in Meditation for 20 mins a day, unless you are too busy; then you should sit for an hour”

Old Zen Saying


I acknowledge the Gulidjan people of the Maar Nation as the traditional custodians of the beautiful fertile land, on which I live and meditate on. I have heartfelt respect for all first nations people of this community and country, both past, present and future. I acknowledge and recognise their unique spiritual, cultural and physical connection to this land.

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